Original Painting

Size 18" X 24"

Acrylic on Canvas Board



I just returned from the Woodies on the Wharf show in Santa Cruz and couldn't wait to paint my first Woodie from the show. I decided to place this 1951 light green Woodie at East Beach in Santa Barbara. Those two surf boards can't wait for the surf to come up.

Comment by the purchaser:
This is my favorite painting of all of yours, including the sold ones. I like the sky, the sea, the palm trees, the woodie and the surfing theme. I like seeing the woodie from the back, as it gives a mood of going forward while recognizing that there is also a past in everything. And I love these colors. I remembered this as blue and yellow, but really it is blue and green. But the light is yellow. And the light is something I also like in this painting.

Copyright S. L. Campbell 2005. All rights reserved.

updated 7/31/10